What is Musical Range?


Musical Range is a VR rhythm game being developed by Odd Time Studios. 

Shooting firearms in virtual reality has proven to be a thrilling experience, so what if you could have that same level of immersion, but while shooting along to your favorite songs? Musical Range features a full piano's worth of notes, set up as a target range, meaning any song imaginable is playable with two pistols. 

Our carefully curated soundtrack features a variety of hits ranging from indie hits such as Therion's "The Blood of Kingu" to "Still Alive" from Portal. In addition to our in-game soundtrack, Musical Range will feature Steam Workshop support allowing players to create and upload their own music charts.

Musical Range is planned for a Steam Early Access release in 2017.



Odd Time Studios was formed from members of the same team that brought you the successful Aperture Tag back in 2014. The team consists of Lead Designer Eugenio Roman and Art Director/UI Designer Jay Ford.

ui mockup.jpg

Submit your music

Are you the next great indie talent? Would you like your music experienced in a way never before possible? Is your music complimented well by the sound of gun fire? 
Please contact us at musicalrangevr@gmail.com