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Big Indie Update! 1.2.0

Hello VR Musicians!

We are finally ready to release our biggest update up to now! We've been working hard on these new changes, so please let us know your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and feedback on how the game is shaping up!

We are collaborating with Big Indie Records, to bring you 4 new Indie Rock songs for free! Check them out and we are sure you'll have a blast playing these new songs!

We also are adding a new Note type, the Whiplash! Smash the note to the ground whenever you see a split end (or when you feel like it! You are always free to play more and to experiment new harmonies).

We also are redesigning the menu experience. so it should be much clearer, and easier to follow. We are still working on some menus that haven't had their face lift yet, so those will be updated over time.

Don't know what song to play? Just select SHUFFLE from the Main Menu, then your desired difficulty, and the game will play one random song. A fun way to play new songs and explore the ever growing catalog of music!

Full Change Log

  • Added 4 New songs under the Big Indie collection pack.

  • Added Whiplash Note.

  • --- When you see a split end, smash the note to the ground.

  • Redesign the following Menus.

  • --- Main Menu.

  • --- --- Added Shuffle Mode.

  • --- New Choose Collection Menu.

  • --- Updated Song Select Menu.

  • --- Updated Game Question Menus.

  • Added Shuffle Mode.

  • --- From the Main Menu, choose Shuffle. Then your desired difficulty. The game will play one random song. At the end, you see your score, and then you can choose to play again, or back to choose another difficulty to play another random song.

  • Added Disable Whiplash Modifier

  • Added Tutorial windows to practice Whiplashes

  • --- Please let us know if the training track is too difficult.

  • --- Whiplash tutorial doesn't have a voice over for the time being.

  • Removed redundant practice tracks in tutorial.

  • --- Only a total of 4 practice tracks. Shoot practice, bend Practice, Dead Note Practice, Whiplash practice.

  • Fixed and issue where Disabling Dead Notes would penalize you 25% instead of 5%.

  • Optimized Videos being played after ending tutorial.

  • Optimized game logic.

We are currently working on the Quest 2 stand alone version. This means we are approaching beta invites to help us test that version. But this also means some bugs might have crawled over to the Steam version. Please let us know if you run into any issues. Thank you for your patience while we work out a pipeline to server multiple platforms at the same time.

Please join us on Discord if you haven't already, and have fun!


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