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Going Forward post Steam Next Fest


First of all, we would like to thank everyone who played our demo this past Steam Fest! It was a blast to show you our progress so far. If you missed the demo, do not worry, we plan to make the demo available again before the game release. On this note we are extremely grateful for the valuable data we obtained from you, with it, we will work to develop a better and more enjoyable game for you to play. Follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss anything!

The main lesson we got from the Steam Fest was how important a tutorial is. As we found out how difficult it was for you all to understand the mechanics of the game, we took the immediate task to make a quick readable tutorial, not ideal, but it did the job and we were able to get it out there quickly. After the addition of the tutorial we immediately saw that scores on the leaderboard started to rise.

Now our priority has shifted into polishing the base systems of the game, so we can test it internally and create an interactive tutorial. There are 3 main systems in Musical Range: The Regular Music Note, the Combat Blocks and the Bendable Music Note (The names and systems are subject to change, as we are still in development).

This last one is the newest addition to the game, and the most complex to implement. Thus the reason why it's not polished and was disabled for scoring. We hope to work more on this system during the upcoming weeks so we can show you a sneak peek at how it will work on the game.

We believe this system will be the way to express yourself musically, and also what will differentiate the average from the expert players.

Now we'll like to talk about the scoring system, for the demo we used placeholders, and right now we are working on balancing the numbers. One thing we noticed was that the combat block was producing scores way too high compared to the regular notes, we will fix that. In addition to the scoring system, it is also in our plan to not only score the timing when you hit the note but also how well you aim and how well you punch, this way we can score the player on more elements than just pressing a button on time.

We hope you enjoyed the game so far and we are excited to have you play again in the future. With our game fully polished, with an interactive tutorial, basic audio and game settings, and a leaderboard in-game so you can get to play and fight against your friends (and the world) for the highest score!


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