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Musical Range Demo Available Now until Jan 19th!


It's time for another round of testing! We are pleased to let you in and try out our demo, available from right now until Wednesday January 19. you can download the demo for free from the Store Page.

We we'll be doing a live stream on Twitch tomorrow Thursday at 1200 CDT. Follow our new Twitch Channel and join us to learn more!

The demo, is not really a demo, as it contains the full, latest version of the game we have internally, without any limitation on content as a regular demo would have. So play any song in any difficulty, or explore your creativity in the Free Play arena to your heart's content.

However, because it's not a regular demo, it means there are many facets of the game that are currently a work in progress or have known issues. This areas are being worked right now, and so you should expect continuous updates to the demo thorough the week.

Some new features are:

  • Added the Laser Block! Dodge this deadly laser, don't just sit in one place.

  • Reworked the Track system, so the tracks can be fully different between difficulties.

  • Made lower difficulties of songs easier and more friendly to play.

  • Made tutorial tracks easier to play.

  • Added Laser Block tutorial pages

  • Loads of visual changes with way more to come!

Because of the rework on the music track system, we have to rework the tracks for all songs on 4 different difficulties, which means some songs previously in old demos, are not in the game, as we are currently working on finishing those songs to work with the new system.

Please let us know all your thoughts and comments either on the Steam group discussions, or on our social media.

Thank you!


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