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Musical Range Demo is now LIVE!

Hello! As the Steam Fest Demo comes up. We'd like to talk about what it offers. The Musical Range demo is heavy work in progress of the game. We are taking a risk by showing it at this early stage, as many of the features we'd like to include for the final release are not in the game yet. Please ask questions in the discussion hub, we'll try to answer them as soon as possible. The demo will lack a Tutorial, as we are still doing changes to the gameplay loop, thus we'll post in the discussion hub a post on how to play the game. The Demo has a limited amount of songs. We hope to keep working on the tracks as the event progresses, in order to create a better experience based on your feedback as well as post new songs in the week as we finish up the last touches on a few tracks to make them more playable. The demo has a Leaderboard set up. We are unsure if this will be visible in the community section. The game will not display your current score for a particular song. We hope to have time to address this during the week. We have plans for features and an internal list of what we want to work for release on February 2022. We will not make this public, as plans may change as we gather more data. But please, let us know what you'd like to see, and what you think is a more pressing issue. We hope you enjoy the demo.


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