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Musical Range Free Demo Week! Nov 17th - Nov 23rd


Ticking away, it's time for another free demo! We are excited to show you what we have been working on since last October. We believe you will enjoy the game much more than before. This time we’ve added new sounds, new mechanics, and in-game leaderboards, but also some nice quality of life changes.

The demo will be available from Wednesday 17th to Tuesday 23rd. We will also do a live stream to answer any questions on Thursday 18th, at 1100 CDT on Steam.

With the new sound, we finished implementing the Target Note bending functionality. If you press your GRIP button while aiming at a note, you can drag the outer shell of the Target note, which will increase the pitch when moving to the right, and lower it when moving to the left.

You can also modify the volume of the sound, drag the note up and it will be increased. Drag the note down and the volume will decrease. We have updated the songs to work with this new system. So, expect to bend notes up and down during melodies and solos. Or doing vibratos to add those feelings that the music enotes from you.

We have also updated the combat block visuals, as well as adjusted the score they give depending on your punch. The faster, harder, and the better your technique when you punch, the more points you’ll make, as well as the sound that it will make in-game.

During this demo, we will disable the Railgun Lasers, as we want to focus feedback on the main systems.

Speaking of scores, we have added in-game leaderboards menus, so you can look at your and global rankings for all the songs. Not only can you see yours and other people's scores, but you can also know what accuracy they got, how many hits they made, as well as what difficulty they had playing the song.

And finally, we started the base work on the Settings menu. For now, you can adjust many sound settings to your preference. So if you want to hear the sound of the notes over the music, or prefer the music over the notes, you can adjust these settings to your liking in the Audio Settings tab. There you can also adjust the height of the CombatBlock, which previously might have been a bit high for some players. And finally, you can now preview the song before you play it.

Thank you all for reading, and we hope you enjoy the new build coming up on Wednesday 17th!


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