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Musical Range Is Now Available As Early Access!

After almost 2 years for re-imagining the original idea from 2017, we are very excited to finally be releasing Musical Range on Steam as Early Access.

It has been a challenge to get to where we are now. We’ve took the original 2017 idea of shooting at static notes to create music, and evolved that idea to offer the player freedom by enhancing what can be possible. By shooting and moving the note around, you can express yourself musically in many different ways. A style will develop over time ensuring no two players play the same way a song.

While we have a core tight idea, we still have many plans to enhance the gameplay. And now it is time for our new players to tell us about their experience, ideas, suggestions of where you’d like the direction of the game go to.

Because we are in early access, we are not afraid of updating current song tracks based on feedback. As well as iterating constantly on various elements, such as difficulty, play-ability, or other improvements that can help the new player experience, while still giving experience players tools and freedom to do complex moves.

We hope you have a blast playing musical range. We look forward to your feedback, comments and videos! Please let us know how your time with the game goes on the Steam forum or on our official discord server.


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