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New Music Available! Update 1.6.0 - Anara Publishing Music

Hello Music Shooters!

Our latest major update is now available to download on Steam! Become a Rockstar and Popstar with 6 new incredible songs from Anara Publishing, included with the base game! From Grunge-Rock to 80's pop music, these new songs by Brandon ft. SJBRAVO, DORRR, The Bullseyes offer new challenges and movements to dominate.

We updated the base world to have some personality. We found that having a full black world was problematic for some users, so we created updated this world and the tutorial world, to have a basic environment, so players can have a horizon line of reference, while still being light to support users with low PC specs. This update also includes changes and tweaks to the internals of the game, to ensure a better flow of the music and player inputs. And the Bend Miss system was adjusted to be clearer when a bend is not correctly bent enough. We still have plans to improve on Bending functionality, to make it physically easier to perform bends, while offering control over your sound, while reducing the changes of being out of tune. The tutorial suffered an overhaul. It is now an automatic tutorial, sending notes as soon as you finished the previous instruction, with place holder voice dialog, ensuring the initial player experience is smooth and enjoyable. Our future objectives for the tutorial is to do an overhaul of the voice, with a professional voice actor, as well, as to integrate a step to measure the player's arm spam, to adjust the bend sensitivity for players automatically. We are also going to be taking a close look at new players, and me changes based on their feedback to adjust clarity and interactivity. The recommended songs after finishing the tutorial have been replaced with 3 songs from the newest music pack from Anara Publishing. Full Changelog

  • New Anara Music Pack: ---She's On Fire by Brandon ft. SJBRAVO --- So Alive - Brandon ft. SJBRAVO --- Human Love - DORRR --- The Future Is Now - DORRR --- World Doesn't Care - The Bullseyes --- Nothing Disturbs Me - The Bullseyes

  • Updated Empty world to have a basic environment

  • Updated tutorial to be more automatic

  • Fixed Regular Notes not adding Points to your Final Score tally. (This meant you'd see negative sustain points in the previous version)

  • Added voicelines to Tutorial

  • Added Speaking animations to Ottava

  • Added Positive Feedback voice lines to the tutorial

  • DeadNotes no longer trigger a TargetNote sound if the gun was aimed at it

  • Fixed Whiplashes not pausing when player paused a song

  • Fixed whiplashes not being removed if player stopped a song

  • Updated Free Play button in the Main Menu

  • Updated Empty button in World Select

  • Updated Musical Range Logo 3D model

  • Updated Credits Menu

  • Other Minor Fixes

We have some exciting changes in line for the next update! We are working on updating the Instrument Sound and expanding the Tone system. While we also have plans to expand on the base gameplay. So, if you haven't please join us on Discord to be able to chat and have a voice on the direction of the game as we head for a full release.


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