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OST VOL 2 Now Available!

6 new tracks to play and 6 Song modifiers!

We are very excited to bring to you OST VOL 2! With 6 new songs to play, each track provides a unique challenge, with movements and sounds unlike any other. Choose from a fast, epic metal song to a pop rock song, or a chilling rock anthem. Whatever track you choose, we are sure you will have tons of fun mastering and learning the notes.

With this update we are also releasing Song Modifiers. This are optional changes that you can apply to a song difficulty. The Song Modifiers change up how the game will play. Remove Dead Notes or bend notes. Disable failing a song to practice difficult parts. Or change the piano range or the aim assist. All of this modifiers allows you to scale up in difficulty at your own pace, or try out the expert difficulties in a more casual setting.

Full Change Log.

  • Added OST VOL 2.

  • --- 6 New tracks. From Easy to Expert difficulty.

  • Added Song Modifiers Song Modifiers apply a reduction in point generation.

  • --- No Fail Prevents Ottava from exploding and stopping the song if the player misses too many notes.

  • --- No Bends All Bend Notes in a song will be downgraded to regular notes*

  • --- No Dead Notes All Dead Notes in a song are not spawned.

  • --- Change Piano Range Overrides difficulty and forces a specific Note Range. For example, choosing Expert song mod, but playing a song in Easy, will let you play on Easy with the full expert range.

  • --- Aim Assist Override Aim Assist. For example, choosing Easy song mod, but playing in Expert, will make it easier to hit notes.

  • --- Force Note Height In higher difficulties, notes can change in height. You can override this setting using this modifier option.

  • Added NEW tag to collection packs.

  • Added bend note animations for Ottava. They mimic your bend movements now!

  • Fixed 'Force Recenter Pawn' not moving you to the actual center.

  • Fixed Start Tutorial Button not working.

*There can be cases where downgraded bend notes don't fully sound on tune.

Song Modifiers are only on the first iteration. We have plans for 3 more song modifiers. As well as to add a description to each of them to make it clearer. Another improbability area is the scoring. Currently, it will reduce your points as shown in the menu, but we think it should be a smarter system. For example, if you chose aim assist of Expert, but play in easy, it makes the game harder, so it shouldn't penalize you. As well as enabling the No Fail modifier will reduce your points even if you don't fail the song.


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