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Hello everyone,

We have been really quiet on the game for a while now. We plan to make a full detail post about what has been happening with the dev team all this time. But for now, we want to let you know on 2 things.

  • First, we are back! After working and reworking on the game for some time, we are ready to show the updated identity and gameplay of the game!

  • Second, we are ready, excited, and working hard for the Steam Next Fest on this October! So get your headsets ready and charge your controller's batteries to try out the Musical Range demo!

The game has been reworked, with more elements implemented in which are still a work in progress. But we have updated the Steam Store to better reflect and create reasonable expectations for the Steam Next Fest. We also are planning a more detailed history and road-map post about the game, to better explain our absence, and let you know where we are aiming for with Musical Range.

Take a look at our new Reveal Trailer and the new screenshots on the Store page and be sure to wish-list if you haven't already!

Our main focus right now is the demo for this October. We look forward to all your feedback!


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