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The Instrument Mode You Wish You Had In Real Life

Patch 1.0.2 available now!

Simplified Instrument, Score System Update, Bug Fixes!

Our second update post release is now available! This patch tackles user experience to help out casual players who have never played music to help them sound good. This new system called "Simplified Instrument" is available in the Game Settings menu. If it's your first time playing the game, we'll ask you if you want to opt in at start.


  • Ottava has evolved. ?

  • Added Simplified Instrument

  • --- This ensures the sound the player is making always sounds good, at the trade off of less input control.

  • --- When enabled, the instrument will mute if the player is not playing the music as indicated.

  • --- When enabled, the instrument changes pitches by steps instead of continuously, thus always sounds on tune.

  • --- If its the first time launching the game after this update, the game will ask you if you want to opt in.

  • --- You can opt in or opt out any time in the Game Settings menu.

  • --- We recommend this for casual players or players who've never played any instrument.

  • --- We are still working on this system. Let us know your experience so we can improve on it's functionality.

  • Updated Score Hit System

  • --- Tweaked the Score calculation. New scores are overall higher than previously

  • --- To get perfect hits, you have to Hit the target note (With no help) and with Perfect Timing. Previously, you had to hit the tiny center of the note.

  • --- Missing a note will lower you Combo by 1 always.

  • --- Missing a note reduces Core Stability by 10%. (This might be too harsh, let us know your experience).

  • --- Removed Difficulty bonus multipliers (New formula, and easier Perfects means scores are naturally higher)

  • --- Current Combo Chain is considered in Note Score (Additional Score = ComboChain * 10 , if Perfect times 2)

  • Fixed Global, Local, Friends leaderboards button always fetching Easy difficulty.

  • Adjusted Ottava and Hexascreen OnPlayerLost sequences.

  • Adjusted Ottava and Hexascreen animations

We are working on changes to the Bend System. So some tracks my be adjusted in the future. We are also working on new music, and more surprises!

Have you checked out our guide on Custom Songs yet? We'd love to play your music!


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