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Update 0.7.1 Now Live!


We hear that you are enjoying the demo so far! Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated! Today we bring you with an update!

  • Updated Basilisk song to make full use of the Bend System

  • Updated I Dream Of Aliens song to make full use of Bend System

  • Updated tutorial menus with new unified art.

  • Added the Hexascreen! A massive screen to display images while playing.

Feedback have been that the combat blocks can be difficult to see when they come one after the other. While this is going to be our next focus, we do not have an estimate of when this change will go live.

We are still figuring the system for the hexascreen. The final goal is to have a dynamic system that changes with the song. For now, we are testing various patterns, before we start to animate the mesh, and build a system that allows the screen to change shapes and the patterns it displays.

Thank you for playing!


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