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Update 0.8.6 Live! Team Fortress 2 Song!


Took a bit longer than we estimated, but we are here now! get ready to play to the music of Team Fortress 2! Available on the Video Game Collection pack, try out the newest song and get to the top place in the leaderboard if you can!

  • Added Team Fortress 2 Main Theme song. (Quick Play > Video Game Collection > Team Fortress 2)

  • Visual Updates to Laser Blocks

  • Added a Lite Gameplay UI menu. (On by default, select SHOW on it to change to the advanced Gameplay UI option)

  • Added basic Game Over menu, and updated OnCoreDeath sequence of events.

  • Adjustments to Hexagon Screen.

  • Adjustments to menu interfaces.

We'll keep working on some visual elements and quality of life improvements over these days, and we hope to push these changes during the course of the week.

As always, please let us know your feedback either on the forums or through our Social Media.


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