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Update 1.0.1 Live!

Reorganized Music, Game and Video Settings, Bug Fixes

Our first update post release is now available to download! While the change log will list current and visible updates, there are many behind the scene changes to enhance playability of the game, which we hope to release in the next regular update. Join our Discord server to learn more about what is coming in the next few weeks!


  • Ottava has evolved. ?

  • Added Video Settings. Defaults to Ultra, lower them if you require a boost in FPS.

  • --- Shade Quality. Controls the material complexity cost.

  • --- Detail Level. Controls amount of props and particles on screen.

  • --- Post Processing effect. Controls complexity of Post Process effects.

  • Added Game Settings.

  • --- Note Bend Sensitivity. A slider from 0.5 to 1.5. Higher values require less physical distance to move notes far away. DEV NOTE. We might adjust the range of this setting in the future.

  • --- Use Advance Gameplay UI. Option to show by default the advanced gameplay UI when you start playing a song.

  • Updated Animation logic, Animations, and Materials for HexagonScreen.

  • Updated Animation logic and Animations of Ottava.

  • Reduced shader cost of some UI elements.

  • Gun laser now draws on top of player on LIV viewports.

  • Reduced gun laser sight material cost.

Some of the changes we are working on are improving Perfect Hits, so they are easier to understand and obtain. Adjust the note bend system, to allow for bends to move independently, for example, currently, 2 simultaneous bends must be bent the same way. And to add a simplified instrument option, which keeps the musical range instrument on tune and making sound only when supposed to, but it removes player's freedom.

We are also working on more music of course!

Thank you, and we hope you are having a blast with the game!


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