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Update 1.4.0 Beta Now Available!

Hello Musicians!

We are very excited to finally removed from the closed beta the version 1.4.0 of the game. This is a huge update we have been working for the past few months now and it's only the beginning of the latest vision for Musical Range.

In Musical Range we don't want you to feel like a musician. We want you to BECOME one for real! We believe that playing music in VR can transform the way you express yourself, and our main challenge is to create and design a musical instrument for virtual reality that takes full advantage of an immersive experience. While being easy to understand, but with massive depth to explore and to find your sound.

With this objective in mind. We made a huge change to the game mechanics of the game. Your hands are now Color Coded, and the game will tell you to play certain notes with a specific hand. This will make the game flow better, as we can guide you in the optimal movements to play the song, but this change brought with it huge rework on how the game was programmed.

One of these reworks were the songs. We have to re do the tracking of the songs, to include handedness in the tracks. We took this opportunity to update the difficulty tracks to make the easier difficulties easier to follow and to enjoy, which was a common feedback from players. This change however, means that many custom songs made for the old version will no longer be compatible and will require that their authors edit the tracks with the updated midi rules.

The new player experience was an after thought previously. We knew we wanted to re work the tutorial in the future, so the first iteration of the tutorial was very basic, and had a fatal flaw, you could continue the tutorial even if you failed at what you were supposed to do.

Well, the future is now, and we are ready to make public the new player experience. This tutorial is much more interactive. It will guide you through how to play the game in a more intuitive and interactive manner. But more importantly, it will not let you continue to the next step if you do not successfully do the previous step. It will also tell you what you are doing wrong, so the player can fully learn and understand what the objective of the game is and how the game tells you which notes to play.

This post is now way too long. So I'll jump into the change log of the notable changes.

  • Added Handedness. Your guns are now colored, and target notes require you to hit it with the correct hand to play the note.

  • Added New Tutorial Experience. Added a new tutorial experience. Players are required to finish this tutorial before they play their first song.

  • New Environment. Added Arcade Wave environment.

  • Reworked 16 Songs. The Video Game pak, Big Indie pak, and Artist Collab pak have been reworked to use the new Handedness system.

  • Temporarily removed 'Core Lab' environment while fixing an unexpected crash issue.

  • Temporarily removed OST Vol 2 pak while we finish reworking the songs for the new system.

Please let us know your experience with the game. How the added Handedness feel. How good of a job does the tutorial do in teaching you how to play, and the difficulty of the songs.

If you haven't please join us on [] Discord to be able to chat and have a voice on the direction of the game as we head for a full release.


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